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Business Outline

Becoming a Solution Provider for In-Vehicle Information Systems

Our business environment is rapidly changing, with new players from the IT sector and other industries entering the automotive industry, and expanding customer requirements such as autonomous driving, automatic parking and other driving aids. Within this market environment, Clarion has developed the Smart Cockpit concept as part of our plan to transform our business from an “In-Vehicle Information Device Manufacturer” to a “Solution Provider for In-Vehicle Information Systems” offering added value by connecting the car to information. This combines our own technologies, including car navigation, HMI, cloud services and vehicle cameras.

Global business development with regional roots

With 41 offices in 15 countries, Clarion has its roots in local regions while developing its business around the world. With a new Silicon Valley office, a sales company in Russia, and a software development joint venture in China, we have deepened our global development, production, and sales in recent years.

OEM Business with Outstanding Achievements in the Global Market

With its superb technology and highly flexible production systems, Clarion has earned a strong reputation in the global market, and in the OEM∗ market in particular, where we supply OEM certified parts, Clarion has built secure and long-lasting relationships of trust with major automotive manufacturers. Our business in the OEM market began as early as 1951, when we delivered our first original radio to Hino-Renault. We now supply an extensive range of in-vehicle devices to customers all over the world, and this is arguably the backbone of our business. In the future, with the spread of EVs (Electric Vehicles) and HVs (Hybrid Vehicles) in developed nations, there will be an increased demand for more advanced in-vehicle device capabilities. On the other hand, in rapidly growing emerging markets, products tailored to the diverse requirements of different markets will be needed. By leveraging its long-established expertise in applied vehicle technologies and its ability to offer solutions that anticipate customer needs in the rapidly-changing in-vehicle device market, Clarion aims to further expand its OEM business on a global scale.

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing

Main Customers


Awards from customers and outside firms

  • <Isuzu Motors> 115th Best Business Awards, Cost Improvement Award
  • <Mazda Corporation> Quality Achievement Award, 2017
  • <iF DESIGN AWARD 2017> Clarion ZH700FF
  • <Mitsubishi Motors> Mitsubishi_Award of Quality 2017
  • <Groupe PSA> PSA_Best Plant 2017 awards
  • <Care Robot Introduction Case Study Award> Medication Support Robot
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