When you opt for ProSecurity, you're not getting an alarm; you're getting a complete vehicle security system. And with its open architecture design, you get the flexibility you need to add comfort features such as remote trunk release and window control.

  • Two 4-Button Remotes
  • 2 Auxiliary Outputs
  • On-Board Relays for Door Locks
  • On-Board Relay for Auxiliary 1
  • On-Board Relay for Dome Light Supervision
  • Anti-CarJacking
  • Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • Individual Remote Recognition
  • Remote Enable Valet
  • Hyper Blue Status LED
  • Remote Panic
  • ProSecurity Programmer
  • ProSecurity Power Up and ProSecurity Starter Disable
  • Selectable Ignition Controlled Door Locks
  • Dual Stage Impact Sensor
  • Extended Range Antenna
  • Programmable Override Sequence
  • Remote Silent Arm/Disarm Capability
  • Event History Diagnostics
  • Custom Auxiliary Configuration
  • Remote Sensor Bypass
  • Selectable Siren Duration
  • False Alarm Prevention Circuitry

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