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Marine Wired Remote Adapter Cable


CCUMRA1 8-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female Adapter Cable

9-inch long adapter cable. 8-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female DIN adapter.
Connects a new (2009+) Marine Wired Remote ready source unit (CMV1, CMD6, M309, CMS1) to on a old style marine remote (pre-2009, ie: CMRC1, CMRC2 etc).
Can be installed directly at the radio, allowing retention of 6-Pin Marine Remote Y-cable (M101RYC) or 6-Pin Marine Remote Extention cable (M101RXC).
Display Remotes (CMRC1SB, CMRC1BSS) LCD displays will be blank - no information displayed.
Mute button on non-LCD remotes (CMRC2SB, CMRC2BSS) may not function.
Old style Clarion wired marine remotes do not support IR remote signal pass-throught. IR remotes must be pointed at the radio where applicable (CMV1, CMD6, M309 etc).
These are 3 most common scenarios you may run into when using both old and new Clarion Marine Product. Each would warrant the use of these adapter cables.
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