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Seamless enjoyment of the music you love

Boldly symmetrical design balances style and usability

The large volume knob positioned in the center, clustered control buttons, large display area and cool blue illumination all contribute to this model’s signature looks and superior usability.

Bluetooth® aptX® for superior sound entertainment via compatible Bluetooth audio devices

CX505 incorporates the Bluetooth aptX codec that is also incorporated in many Android™ Phones. Since it retains the sound elements that are lost during digital compression of audio files, you can enjoy near CD quality sound. Now it’s possible to listen to high quality audio with wireless convenience.

Built-in HD Radio™ for digital quality radio

Enjoy HD Radio with digital multicasting, so you can listen to your favorite FM and AM stations with digital high quality sound, and access a wider variety of programming. Get advanced functions like iTunes® tagging, and since the receiver is built-in, you’re good to go from day one!

728 variable colour illumination for just the right look for your car

You're free to select the exact colour you want, to match your car's instrument panel or match your mood today.
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