2-DIN DVD multimedia station with 7-inch touch panel control, USB and built-in navigation

  • DIVX
  • DVD Video
  • Compact Disc Text
  • Bluetooth
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • Made for iPod iPhone
  • Parrot move wireless
  • SiRF prima
  • SUNA live traffic updates
  • SUNA predictive traffic
  • MP3/WMA
  • MPEG4
  • FM/AM
  • 4V/6ch Output
  • Rear USB
  • Time Alignment
  • 2 Zone Entertainment
  • Rear Vision Camera
  • AUX Input
  • Subwoofer level control
  • 24bit D/A Converter
  • BeatEQ Plus
  • Low-Pass and High-PassFilters
  • MOS-FET 50Wx4
  • Touch Sensor
  • 728 Color Key
  • Touch Panel
  • Built-in Navigation
  • 4GB Map Storage
  • OEM Remote Ready
  • Plus 3 YEARS MAPS
  • 3D CITY
  • 4WD


  • Motorised sloping control panel with 7.0-inch digital touch panel WVGA monitor
  • Variable colour key illumination (728 colours)
  • CD/SD/MP3/WMA/DVD/MPEG4 playback
  • 18FM, 12AM station presets
  • Built-in Parrot Bluetooth interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN, PBAP)
  • Built-in microphone and external microphone ready with optional RCB199
  • Audio/Video inputs (rear RCA)
  • Digital time alignment control and 3-way crossover
  • 2-zone entertainment: front and rear separate source control
  • Rear USB port with iPod direct connect capabilities
  • iPod Audio/Video control with optional CCA748 or CCA750 iPod interface cable
  • Rear vision camera composite video input
  • Built-in NAVTEQ mapping on preloaded microSD card
  • Text to speech for street announcements
  • 4 × 50 W MOS-FET power amplifier
  • 4V/6-channel audio pre-out
  • Subwoofer level control
  • 24-bit D/A converter
  • Built-in Low pass / high pass filters
  • BEAT EQ PLUS with 5-Band Parametric Equaliser
  • OEM steering wheel remote ready
  • Wireless remote control included


■ To solidify Clarion's extensive commitment to customer service, an additional 3 years of map updates is included with every NX702A sold in Australia at no additional charge. Not only does this ensures that you are getting the best value product available and it also gives you trouble free motoring for many years without the need to purchase map updates.

■ To solidify Clarion's extensive commitment to customer service, an additional 3 years of map updates is included with every NX702A sold in Australia at no additional charge. Not only does this ensures that you are getting the best value product available and it also gives you trouble free motoring for many years without the need to purchase map updates.

Flick operation makes control more intuitive than ever

Flick operation makes control more intuitive than ever

Smooth flicking operation

The interactive touch screen supports flick operation, so you can quickly scroll to another menu page. Sound familiar? Yes, it operates just like a smartphone screen. Plus, feature icons are animated for an enhanced appearance and can be dragged and dropped into different positions to customise to your liking.

Parrot Bluetooth for hands-free communication, access to phonebook and audio streaming

Parrot Bluetooth for hands-free communication, access to phonebook and audio streaming

Built-in Parrot Bluetooth provides hands-free telephone communication, with comprehensive compatibility with a variety of mobile phones.

With a built-in microphone and Phonebook access, you can safely talk and drive at the same time. Play music stored on your mobile phone with Bluetooth audio streaming.

* Dependent on mobile phone.

* Please see our website for details of compatible Bluetooth mobile phones.

Made for iPod and Made for iPhone for seamless integration

Made for iPod and Made for iPhone for seamless integration

Made for iPod and Made for iPhone certified, so you can enjoy the convenience of iPod/iPhone ABC search to quickly access tunes, with a simple control mode to allow operation using the iPod/iPhone controls. Album artwork is displayed to visually enhance interactivity.

For audio playback, please use the USB cable provided with your iPod / iPhone.

* For video playback, an optional CCA748 cable is required.

* Please see our website for details of compatible iPod / iPhone models.

Built-in DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial)

Built-in DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial)

For TV entertainment in your car that’s crystal clear and rock solid, the NX702A is equipped with a built-in tuner for DVB-T reception. Less susceptible to noise interference than analogue TV broadcasting, DVB-T broadcasts will let you fill your drive with audiovisual entertainment — especially enjoyable for your passengers during long trips. And since it’s built in, there’s nothing extra to buy!

Built-in navigation system

Built-in navigation system

NX702A feature a built-in car navigation system with simple destination input, turnby-turn voice prompts, selectable route guidance — everything you need to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. Pre-loaded with 12 million Points of Interest, its database includes national parks, restaurants, gas stations, and much more.

Start using Clarion mobile map


Start using Clarion mobile map

Get going in no time! Easily recognisable icons and a map display that emphasises usability will guide you to your destination.

Map coverage:

Australia & New Zealand

GUI & voice guidance

■ Navigation voice guidance : English AU, English UK, English US, French, German, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)

■ Text to speech voice : English Australian

Australian Good Food Guide

Australian Good Food Guide

The Australian Good Food Guide has long been considered Australia’s principal independent restaurant, accommodation and winery guide which encompasses not only all major metropolitan areas but many of the smaller townships. AGFG includes Wineries, Restaurants, Nightlife, Hotels, Ski Resorts, Tourist Information, Park and Recreation Areas, Golf Courses, Tourist Attractions, Museums, Campgrounds, and Bar/Pub reviews. This product also includes a selection of images of top restaurants and cuisines. Take the hassle out of searching by using the new Australian Good Food Guide content filter for the fastest and easiest way to select your next AGFG destination.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet Travel Guide includes information for categories such as tourist attractions, shopping, nightlife, hotels and restaurants based on the valued and well-known publisher Lonely Planet. This new rich content enables the Clarion navigation software to provides you with options to maximize leisure time by including the most interesting and exciting experiences whether in your home town or when you are exploring a new city. The NX702A also allows you to filter your POI searches by the use of the Lonely Planet content filter for the best Lonely Planet navigation experience to date. Never before has this much content been right at your fingertips.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition

Inputting your destination or finding a point of interest has never been easier with the NX702A’s advanced voice recognition system. Save yourself the time and hassle of scrolling through menus by literally telling your navigation where to go. You can use this feature for addresses, points of interests and even your favourite saved destinations. Once you have mastered using the voice recognition you can even choose an advanced mode for an even faster method of selecting your next destination or waypoint.



Transport enables sophisticated navigation for trucks, light commercials and caravans alike. It contains over 20 specific road attributes including; physical restrictions (weight, height, length and width), legal restrictions relating to access and manoeuvres (e.g.; “no right turn for trucks”), transport preferred routes and transport alerts. Enabling route calculation in accordance with transport specific road rules and restrictions in Australia. No matter whether it’s your first time towing the new caravan or you’re an experienced transport operator, the transport feature built-in to the NX702A combined with Live & Smart traffic information, will get you to your destination faster, easier and safer than ever before.

HEMA Tracks

HEMA Track (4WD)

Included as standard on NX702A, NX502A & NZ502A, NAVTEQ Off-Road provides information needed to find and navigate off-road courses with over 1,000 tracks across Australia. This 4WD specific information includes data from leading off-road map supplier HEMA®. With true 4WD Tracks, Mines, Collieries and much more, you can experience both the best of on-road and off-road navigation.

SUNA Live Traffic

SUNA Live Traffic

With up-to-the-minute information of traffic incidents including accidents, road closures, traffic congestion, major road works and special events. This service covers more than 95% of the Australian main metropolitan population. Through the premium Navigation software you can customise the Live Traffic service to best suit your requirements. Expect Clarion to provide you with this much control of Live Traffic content.

SUNA Predictive

SUNA Predictive Traffic (Smart Traffic)

Everyone knows that travel times are impacted by routine congestion – but most other navigation products don’t take this into account! Standard across all 2012 Navigation products is SUNA Predictive Traffic, also known as “Smart Traffic”. SUNA Predictive data was created to address the automotive and consumer electronics industries’ need to provide motorists improved routing & travel time advice in advanced navigation applications.

DAB ready (DAB302E sold separately is requried.)

DAB ready (DAB302E sold separately is requried.)

Simply installing the optional DAB receiver module DAB302E will give you access to higher quality audio and a wide selection of programming that is available with DAB digital radio.

Sound-centered features create the ideal listening environment

2-zone entertainment

Allows rear seat passengers to enjoy a DVD movie or iPod Video while the front seat passengers enjoy their favourite radio station or music from a USB memory device.

Digital time alignment with 3-way crossover

Digital time alignment assures that the sound from each speaker reaches the listener at the same time for perfect sonic imaging. The 3-way crossover separates the sound into different bands to match each speaker’s output range.

Beat EQ for user customisable sound

In addition to providing 4 preset equalisation patterns — BASS BOOST, IMPACT and EXCITE — Clarion’s Beat EQ allows you the freedom to customise the level and range of the bass, midrange and treble portions of each pattern. You can adjust the sound to your liking, depending on the genre of music, for a more fulfilling listening experience.

Built-in High Pass and Low Pass Filters

The internal High Pass and Low Pass Filters allow your music to be played at the precise levels that they were meant to be heard. Enjoy bass with more muscle and highs with more clarity.

24-bit D/A converter

Fully enjoy the sonic impact of DVD movie soundtracks or music videos. 24-bit technology actually oversamples the digital signal, providing excellent results that just weren’t possible with older 16-bit systems.

4V / 6-channel audio pre-out makes it easy to expand and upgrade


4V / 6-channel audio pre-out

With 3 sets of RCA outputs, with 2 channels each, you are free to add external power amplifiers to create a more powerful, sophisticated audio system. What’s more, the 4 Volt output ensures a pure, high quality signal for the entire sound system.

Remote control included

Remote control included

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