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2-DIN DVD multimedia station with 7-inch touch panel control, USB and built-in navigation


Built-in navigation system

Smart, simple and direct control
Touch panel controls enable you to access information at the touch of a fingertip. Layouts are devised to enable instantaneous display of desired information, while detailed information can easily be called up with a light touch.
3D city map
City streets are easier to follow since buildings close to you are drawn transparently to avoid obstructing the next intersection.
3D landmarks
Landmarks are superimposed 3-dimensionally on maps, realistically showing key points along your travel route.

Lane Information

Lane information and signposts
The system shows which lanes allow you to exit and which ones continue ahead. All lanes on the same road segment are rendered and the lane you need to take will be highlighted. On the motorway, this information is enhanced by an extremely clear representation of actual signposts on the road.
Route information screen
This screen shows information about the current route, and the fields displayed on it are continuously updated as you drive.
Tapping on any field will show you more details.
Green routing
Slightly longer travel time than Fast, but significantly reduced fuel consumption. If the selected routing method is not Green, you can have your route compared to the best green alternative on the screen when confirming the route.
Daytime and night colour profiles
Maps are displayed using different colours during the day and night. Daytime maps are relatively bright to maintain visibility in bright environments, whereas nighttime maps use darker colours to cut glare and maintain viewing comfort.
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