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Reproducing the Full Potential and Appeal of Full Digital Sound

Classic Black and Champagne Gold Set the Stage for Full Digital Sound

Classic black provides a dignified air, while champagne gold accentuates it with flair. The premium design stimulates pride of ownership, with a sense of power oozing from its stately looks.

Premium Badge to Spice Up your Space

The Z7 comes supplied with a premium Full Digital Sound badge that can be affixed anywhere in your car. Place it on the grille area of the installed speakers to show off your premium system.

Z7 structure diagram


FDS-system_01 Rubber cover

FDS-system_02 Aluminium back cover

FDS-system_03 Full digital circuit board

FDS-system_04 Waterproof packing

FDS-system_05 PWB case

FDS-system_06 Bottom yoke

FDS-system_07 Strontium magnet

FDS-system_08 Top plate

FDS-system_09 Speaker frame

FDS-system_10 Spider holder

FDS-system_11 Multi power supply FPC

FDS-system_12 FPC protector

FDS-system_13 Spider

FDS-system_14 6-layer multi-voice coil

FDS-system_15 ACMI-PP cone


FDS-system_17 Phase plug

FDS-system_18 Grille & punching net

Multi Power Supply Voice Coil Provides High-Quality Sound and Low Power Consumption

The multi power supply voice coil structure combines driving forces to increase responsiveness, reduce voltage and power consumption, and make a new level of high power reproduction possible.

ACMI-PP Cone Accurately Accommodates Digital Sources

This hybrid PP cone features high-strength aramid fibres mixed with carbon and mica, and injection moulded into optimum form. Taking advantage of the various characteristics of each type of fibre, this new material affords superior light weight and high rigidity, for reasonable internal loss enabling precision reproduction of digital signals.

Phase plug Improves the Directivity of Vocals

The phase plug moderates soundwave characteristics and enhances performance and directivity of the mid-range, thereby reproducing clear, lively vocals. Count on it to deliver immersive sound directly to the listener.

The phase plug optimizes the sound waves from the core of the speaker to achieve clear, transparent sound.

Large-diameter Strontium Magnet Supports the High-response Bass Line

The speakers incorporate a Strontium magnet that maintains higher magnetic coercivity than ordinary magnets. In combination with efficient magnetic flux circuitry, they are capable of reproducing highly responsive and dynamic bass sounds.

BASSLIZER Enables Reproduction of a Clear and Undistorted Low Range

The middle of each speaker cone is equipped with a reinforcement ring called the BASSLIZER to provide superior rigidity. Since this structure inhibits cone distortion, the speaker is able to resonate with superior linearity even at high volume levels. It reproduces low frequencies with high responsiveness, high clarity and low distortion.
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