Next-Generation In-Vehicle Terminal Connecting the Car to a Network

“AutoPC CADIAS™” which was launched in 2002 as Japan’s first in-vehicle PC, is a next-generation in-vehicle information terminal and via connection to a mobile phone enables Web browsing, e-mail transmissions, and data communications necessary for downloading the latest navigation maps and software applications, all from inside an automobile. It features a variety of audiovisual capabilities such as CD, MP3, WMA, DVD, TV, and radio, and useful functions including voice control, text-tospeech, and hands-free telephoning. Running on highly expandable and versatile Windows® CE for Automotive, it comprises the foundation for new products in the future.

The decisive difference between conventional navigation systems and the communication-based navigation system employed newly in our “AutoPC CADIAS™” is the latter’s ability to mutually communicate with external networks. Map data and destination search and route planning functions are stored in a high-speed, large volume external server instead of the in-vehicle terminal, so users can choose to download only the latest map data as necessary, quickly and without stress. In addition to hardware development, Clarion is also undertaking content creation in collaboration with content providers who supply map information, enhancing the necessary infrastructure for the user’s wide-ranging convenience and enjoyment.

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