Sound Simulation Technology

Pursuing an Acoustic Testing Environment Close to the Real experience even without a Test Vehicle

The shape of a car interior greatly influences the way sound is heard. The acoustic simulation technology that Clarion is developing has two major functions. One is the Sound Field Simulation Function, which analyzes the acoustic properties of sound as it travels from the speakers to the listeners’ ears, by means of data obtained by measuring the interior shape and acoustic characteristics of any specific car. With this function, it will be possible to create a virtual in-vehicle sound environment, quite close to the actual interior. The second function is an Acoustic Tuning Function with which the acousticperformance of a product can be optimized within this virtual sound field. Even without a car, this technology would ultimately be able to optimize acoustic performance from many different angles before it is actually installed. Offering flexibility to adapt to structural changes in cars, faster development speed, and cost reduction, this technology contributes greatly to improving the development efficiency and performance of car audio-visual equipment.

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