Next-Generation Telematics Platform

Realizing a New Development Environment that would Drastically Change Existing Development Processes

With an eye to the realization of Telematics, Clarion has developed an in-vehicle Linux/Java™ platform combining Linux, a highly reliable OS which provides a variety of communication functions, and Java™, a language having a superior security mechanism, and incorporated it in an auto guide system for community buses.

One of the advantages of this platform is that applications can be developed independent of hardware. Before the development of this platform, the debugging of an application could only begin after the hardware was developed, but the new platform allows software to be run on a virtual Java™ machine, and the application can be developed on a personal computer in parallel to the development of the hardware.

The new architecture can be utilized in communication-based navigation systems for private vehicles as well as in the development of Telematics audio for downloading images and sounds. Using this new architecture, the time, labor, and cost of developing in-vehicle equipment can be reduced and a new development environment can also be provided.

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