Bluetooth-based Hands-Free System

Improved Driving Safety and Ease of Use Via Wireless Connection

Recent legislation against the use of mobile phones while driving has increased public interest in hands-free mobile phone functions. Unlike conventional systems, the hands-free system that Clarion has developed employs Bluetooth™ technology and does not require that the mobile phone be physically connected to car audio equipment. Instead, the phone can be automatically connected wirelessly while kept in a briefcase or handbag.

As a way to accommodate entertainment applications, cable-free connection between an in-vehicle terminal and portable digital audio devices is also under development. With this technology, not only can the status of the portable digital audio device be displayed on the in-vehicle terminal, it can also be controlled by the in-vehicle terminal. People can listen to music stored on a portable device without physical connections to the in-vehicle terminal. Since wireless connection of currently popular portable audio devices and car audio is possible, it will be possible to listen not only in the car, but also outside the car via wireless headphones, so listeners can enjoy a seamless music environment.

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