Automatic Dependent Surveillance System

Keeping Track of Vehicle Positions on a Vast Airport Grounds

The automatic dependent surveillance system sends GPS (Global Positioning System) data of moving objects on an airport field to traffic control bodies via SS (Spread Spectrum) wireless communication and displays surface traffic on a map to facilitate vehicle surveillance, prevent collisions, and give taxiing route instructions. Clarion participated in a development project led by the Electronic Navigation Research Institute, an Independent Administrative Agency and cooperated in the development of a system primarily intended for vehicle surveillance.

In-vehicle monitor

In 1999, it was installed at Shin-Chitose Airport as an “Airport Grounds Vehicle Position Information System,” and was put into full-scale operation in 2003. The automatic dependent surveillance system is particularly effective at airports during adverse conditions such as snowstorms and fog and at night. At Shin-Chitose Airport, the system helps improve efficiency of snow clearing operations since heavy snowfall not only obscures vision but also blankets the ground in white, making it difficult to discern runway positions. Also, parts of this system have been adopted for use at the Chubu International Airport (Centrair) as of 2004.

Snow clearing

Snow clearing

Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)

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