Next-Generation In-Vehicle Camera System

Applying Camera Technology to Support Drivers in Parking and Driving

Clarion has already succeeded in commercializing a safety verification system which uses an ultra compact and lightweight high-sensitivity CCD camera to provide images of blind spots in the rear and the front side of the vehicle through an in-vehicle monitor. To further apply this system to effective vehicle parking and driving assistance, Clarion has directed its efforts to developing an image processing and image identification technology that converts the camera image to a bird’s-eye view image to facilitate parking. Clarion was the world’s first to market this perspective conversion system, and car manufacturers have adopted it on an OEM basis.

Clarion is now developing a superimposing technology for displaying anticipated path and distance markers on the monitor image when parking a vehicle and a white line recognition technology that would greatly enhance safe driving support, with the aim of merging these technologies with an in-vehicle information terminal while maintaining effective cost performance.

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