New Products

Quality control for uniform reliability at domestic and overseas factories.

As seen in the shift from car AV to car navigation and the "AutoPC CADIAS" products are becoming ever more sophisticated and high-precision, requiring more stringent quality standards. That means a check system that far exceeds that of conventional inspection levels from the production line all the way to shipping. At Clarion we have aggressively introduced into our inspection process items such as inspection equipment programming for AutoPCs as well as high-resolution cameras and X-ray scanners for the inspection of miniaturized circuits and parts, and the mounting status of BGA (Ball Grid Array) and CSP (Chip Size Package). And as for inspection at the production line, the same standardized check system used at our Tohoku office is implemented at all of our factories domestic and overseas to assure uniform high quality all over the world.

X-Ray Inspection

Automatic Printed Circuit Board Test

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