Quality Test

Quality Control System that Clears Global Standards: the Assurance of Complete Reliability

Our products begin with severe tests that defy the imagination.

Trial products that undergo precise design simulation by CAD system, trial production evaluation and design examination are put on the market only after they clear rigorous quality examinations.

And since in-vehicle equipment must be able to withstand icy regions, fiercely hot zones, and areas with near 100% humidity in order to offer safe and reliable operation in any climate or environment the world over, passing these tests is not an easy task. Moreover, the durability test simulates harsh conditions such as vibrations and jolts, external electromagnetic waves, and electrical noise from spark plugs and windshield wipers. It includes testing in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 90°C, a vibration test that simulates real driving conditions with about 300 random oscillating patterns, and 10,000 continuous robotic operations to test the controls.

Products undergo a variety of tests, and quality assurance and product development staff work together until the product meets all standards. Of course, our strict quality control systems is quite an advantage for our products of direct aftermarket sales, but it also aids us in our selection as an OEM partner.

Water Spray Test,Multi-Axis Vibration/Heat Test,Temperature/Humidity Test,Sunshine Weather Test

Dust Endurance Test

Automatic evaluation system

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