Manufacturing Technologies

Production technologies that maintain and improve the renowned Clarion Quality at all worldwide locations

At Clarion, production technology is centered in Japan where pre-production activities to increase the smoothness of new device manufacturing, improve product quality and decrease manufacturing costs are carried out. Basic research and testing for the introduction of new construction methods are also conducted, and various production tools/facilities are developed for implementation. At the same time, the Company is always monitoring new construction methods and industry trends so that it can always be one step ahead of the industry standard. Research, including test runs of new manufacturing technologies, is carried out at facilities in Japan and then introduced to other facilities worldwide.

Feedback is also provided to the product development department, the upstream operations of the entire manufacturing process. This department then takes the data and reduces production times and decreases the number of worker errors by taking away complex operations. In addition, the department focuses on the implementation of production tools and the automating of process inspections. Moreover, the department is responsible for the issuance of operator manuals that describe the manufacturing process and explain how to perform proper maintenance.

Examples of new technologies and facilities that have been introduced include a low-cost automatic regulator and inspection unit, an automatic soldering robot, and an automatic printed circuit board cutting device. In addition, a system that manages the manufacturing history of each product has been implemented. This system carries out automatic inspections on a PC-based system and performs flying inspections throughout the production process.

In regards to standardization, Clarion defines, creates and updates procedures and managing methods for standard operation, use of manufacturing tools, use of manufacturing support material, and facility usage. Through this, the Company is ensuring that a product manufactured at one plant can be exactly duplicated at any plant worldwide. For example, the Company standardized the management of static electricity and humidity/temperature levels in the manufacturing process of electronic devices as these two variables impact the quality of the final product. Policies have been defined for this standard.

Additionally, we have completed investigations on response measures for lead and hexavalent chromium, both harmful substances. Subsequently, in consideration of global environmental standards, the Company is currently implementing strategies to free the manufacturing process of materials that contain these compounds.

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