Developmental Environment

Introduction to Electronic CAD System

Clarion currently utilizes an electronic CAD system. The head office is equipped with 24 units and Clarion Engineering is equipped with 8 units. ]In addition, the Tohoku Office, Clarion M&L and the Kitamoto Branch are also equipped with this system. Through this networked system, circuit board design data can be sent to manufacturing facilities and CAD data can be utilized to create service manuals. The system is also linked to Clarion's local subsidiary in China.

Systematic Diagram of the Electronic CAD System

Machinery CAD System

Clarion uses a Machinery CAD System for the development of product chassis. Currently, a 2-D CAD System and a 3-D CAD System is simultaneously utilized. However, the Company expects that the 3-D CAD System will be used more in the future.

The advantage of developing machinery using a 3-D CAD system as compared to a 2-D CAD system is that design and verification of complex shapes can be conducted in a spatial manner. The 3-D data can be used for interference checks, verify ease of assembly and by combining analytical tools, conduct virtual testing (i.e. digital evaluation) on a computer. This reduces the frequency of tests on the actual model.

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