Clarion believes that design not only increases the value of a product but is also a vital element that forms other intangible value such as brand value. Our Design Department brings together the domain of corporate design, and by doing so, they are able to take the approach of viewing both the stance of pursuing a “Clarion-like” attitude and product design simultaneously.

In order to represent our corporate vision of providing “Fresh Feeling of Safety” and “Fresh Pleasure” through our products, it will become more important in the future to focus on universal design, where anybody in the world can utilize the product, and global design, where products are blended to match regional characteristics.

We want our customers to feel excitement when using our products. That’s why we are attempting to develop a style that brings together the senses of touch, vision, and hearing into the product so that customers feel like they want to do “something” in any situation where they are in contact with one of our products. This feeling of “It makes me want to do (fill in the blank)” is what our design team will focus on as their keyword for the future.

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