Developing of HMI(Human Machine Interface)

New Relationship Between Human and Machine from Both the Aspects of Hardware and Software

Building on its wealth of know-how on improving equipment operability in the special environment of a car interior and based on the concept of creating HMI (Human Machine Interface) toward a new relationship between human and machine, Clarion works to ensure usability in all its products from the perspective of ergonomics.

The Design Department plays a central role in addressing the issues by conducting operation simulation tests with the cooperation of university research institutions and promptly feeding the numerical data of the tests back into the products, and by formulating design manuals on operability. Especially in response to recent trends toward multi-functional car navigation systems, Clarion addresses the issue of improving HMI from various approaches not only from hardware aspects such as the numbers, sizes and locations of buttons, but also from software aspects such as map designs, menu layers or texts for operational instructions on the LCD displays.

Evaluation and Verification of HMI based on Visual

Occlusion Method Using the visual occlusion method to artificially recreate the visual recognition environment during driving, evaluation experiments are being implemented for safer and simpler operation of products. By developing a better interface to make operations of numerous functions easier, and by creating an environment where every one can enjoy advanced functions equally easily, Clarion aims to create a more comfortable in-car environment.

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