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NX602 Software Update Instructions ( for MPEG )


1-1.You will need a Blank USB Flash Drive that has a capacity of more than 16MB.

1-2.NX602 users, please download the "" file from download page and save to your computer.

■ (1.03MB)


1-3.After the download is complete you will need to unzip the "" file using WinZip ( )

Please extract the following file, then copy the file to the Blank USB Flash Drive.

Files: build.img, UPD_MPEG.VER.


2-1.Please connect the USB Flash Drive that contains the software update as prepared in 1-3 to the USB Pigtail.

2-2.Please select the "USB" option in the Main Menu.

2-3.Select the "Right Arrow" button to the right of MPEG.

<b>2-3.</b>Select the

2-4.Please select the "Right Arrow" button.

Please do not unplug, disconnect or power Off the NX602 until the update has been completed.

This portion of the update will take about one minute to complete.

<b>2-4.</b>Please select the

2-5.After the MPEG update has been completed, the NX602 will automatically restart.

2-6.Please disconnect the USB Flash Drive that contains the software update as prepared in 1-3.

3.Confirm result

3-1.With the NX602 powered On, please touch the MAIN MENU Button that is located at the top left corner of the NX602.

3-2.Please select the "Settings" option in the Main Menu

3-3.Please select the "Version" button.

3-4.Please confirm that the following software version has been successfully updated.


  • AME0.45 2012-04-27

If your software versions are the same, then your update has been successfully completed.

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