VRX815 Slave Controlling the DVS9755z

When the DVS9755z’s rear switch is set in the slave mode, the VRX815 will control most of the DVS9755z’s functions either from its touch screen, or from its front panel controls or IR remote control. The remote display panel/controller from the DVS9755z only needs to be used during the initial set up of the system for:
Speaker selection
Crossover setup
System gain
Parametric EQ
After these parameters have been set, the display panel/controller is no longer needed. It must remain connected, but does not need to be accessed. The DVS9755z’s infrared remote control works through the infrared receiver on the VRX815’s front panel.

Be aware that once the DVS9755z is set to the slave mode and connected to the VRX815 with a required CeNet cable, the VRX815 will no longer supply audio output through it’s internal 45x4 amplifiers or it’s line level output. All audio signals come from the DVS9755z’s audio outputs, and will require external amps.

After system setup, the VRX815 will control:
1. Main system volume through the front panel volume switch, the VRX815’s IR remote control, or the     DVS9755z’s IR remote control thumbwheel volume control.
2. Touch screen control of center channel level, subwoofer level, and balance/fader adjustments, after     touching the A.M. (audio mode) button.
3. DVD video scene skipping forward/backward using the track up/down buttons on the front panel of     the VRX815, or by using the track up/down buttons on the VRX815’s IR remote control.
4. Select DVD function from the touch screen
5. Select play/pause/audio mute from the VRX815’s front panel or from it’s IR remote control
6. Select audio input on the DVS9755z. When the DVD function is selected from the VRX815, the     input is set to internal; and when the tuner/CD player/visual functions are selected, the DVS9755z’s     input is switched to Analog 2.
7. Turning the DVS9755z on and off

The DVS9755z remote is required to navigate the DVD movie’s main menu, and to start play of the DVD. It will also:
1. Control the systems main volume
2. Play/pause the video
3. Set audio mute
4. Directly selecting the DVD as the playback source by pressing the play/pause button on the     DVS9755z’s IR remote
5. Select menu items on the DVD’s main menu
6. Scene skipping forward/backward

The VRX815’s hide away box has a dedicated DVD RCA composite video input, which will need to be used with the video output from the DVS9755z. If you do not use this video input, there will be no on-screen video, as this input is dedicated the slaved DVD operation of the DVS9755z. However, you will NOT need the CCA389 adapter cable to get video into the VRX815 for this application!

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