Source Units

If You’ve Experienced Clarion’s Sound, You’ve Experienced the Future of Car Audio

The DRZ9255 combines cutting-edge technology, usability and safety in a compact 1-DIN source unit. This high-end model captures the essence of Clarion’s pure audio concept technology that emphasizes “true sound” reproduction. The DXZ865MP is another superior source unit; it is equipped with Clarion’s ground-breaking Optimedia Display which shatters out-dated preconceptions based on obsolete user interfaces. All of Clarion’s 2006 source units feature functionality and performance to meet the needs of a new era; these units offer a new generation of drivers the futuristic experience they want.

Advanced Intelligent Functions of The Optimedia Display Transforms Fantasy Into Reality

Clarion’s new Optimedia Display is a graphical user interface that raises human-machine ergonomics, usability and safety to a higher level. Some might even call the Optimedia Display GUI “sensational.” Its use of on-screen controls has reduced the number of knobs and buttons conventionally used to control audio components to the bare minimum. A touch on the screen provides precise intuitive control of mode settings, functions and other operations. The cool, stylish look of the black stainless-steel faceplate is combined seamlessly with cutting-edge intelligent touch functions to create Clarion’s top of the line source unit.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Media and Devices Increases Your Car Audio Options

Of course Clarion source units can play CDs (including CD-Rs and CD-RWs), but they can also handle a wide range of digital audio formats such as MP3 and WMA. Clarion source units are also totally compatible with iPods, which creates additional options for audio enjoyment on the road. Furthermore, the source units in Clarion’s 2006 lineup can connect to SD cards or USB devices so they can play MP3/WMA files directly from USB memory or USB players as well as doing standard MP3/WMA playback. You can now enjoy the flexible possibilities that the latest media devices and digital music formats can provide both inside and outside your car.

Clarion’s “True Sound” Technology Allows Accurate Sonic Reproduction that Re-creates the Excitement of a Concert

In 1996, Clarion’s DRX9225 source unit became legendary because it faithfully reproduced the digital signals encoded on CDs. The new high-end DRZ9255 carries on the tradition of the DRX9225; it is equally capable of faithfully reproducing the original digital sound. The foundation of the DRZ9255’s high-definition sound is its Digital-to-Analog converter, which operates at a sampling rate of 96 kHz. This double oversampling allows reproduction of the subtle details and depth contained in upper-frequency harmonics. These details produce the expressiveness and resonance of real sound that cannot be done at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. In addition, the DRZ9255 uses only high-quality components such as a copper-coated chassis, wiring, output cables, and a glass-epoxy four-layer circuit board. These components prevent signal degradation and ensure superior performance. The DRZ9255 is the pinnacle of car-audio excellence; it reproduces the atmosphere and nuances of recordings so clearly and accurately you can hear the musicians breathing.

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