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There’s nothing like spending a day out on the water – friends, family, food, drinks and some tunes. It inspires a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. It’s that feeling that Clarion has been in pursuit of for years, creating products that not only sound good, but were designed specifically for the marine environment … Introducing Clarion’s 2005 marine-based product line. Within the next five pages, you’ll see three new source units, two new wired remotes, a powerful amplifier line, and an all-new speaker line that speaks to Clarion’s 2005 motto: “Bigger Is Better.”

Illustrated above is the CMD4’s watertight Quick-Release Door, which provides protection against rain and washdowns.

Setting the Standard

When we make marine-based source units, we don’t just slap on marine-like cosmetics and call it a day. What we have done is spent years perfecting our ability to design and engineer water-resistant and UVresistant source units. Introducing Clarion’s new CMD4, a source unit designed to resist splashdowns, rain, and whatever the marine environment throws its way. The difference is more features, and a new cosmetic design. Bottom line, the CMD4 sounds as good as it looks.

Quick-Release Door With Watertight Seal

Clarion’s unique rubber gasket and door assembly offer the CMD4’s internal components complete water protection. Enduring 10,000 duty cycles of testing, this type of innovation is nothing new to Clarion. Our designs have been the industry reference for years, offering unparalleled durability under extreme conditions. This design also allows for easy, one-touch CD loading, making the unit both functional and reliable.

Integrated Drip Shield, Mounting Gasket and Bracket

This design protects the source unit’s chassis from front-panel leakage and seals the bulkhead to further augment the water-resistant faceplate equipping the CMD4. This design also provides maximum chassis support and allows for easy installation.

The Industry Reference

What makes Clarion’s marine speakers the best? Attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our speakers’ ability to reproduce sound that’s second to none. From the titanium dome tweeters to the polypropylene mid-woofer cone, rubber insulated leads, and gold-plated terminals, Clarion’s marine speakers were made to handle the marine environment. We take it a step further when it comes to the speaker grilles and frames, creating them out of a non-corrosive, high-impact material called Centrex 814. Its properties make it resistant to cracking and discoloration. No one else can tout this type of durability, because at Clarion, we do it right.

MOS-FET Amplification

There’s only one way for Clarion’s marinebased source units to supply unyielding power output and superior linearity: MOSFET amplification. Smaller and more efficient than conventional power supplies, the MOS-FET amplification circuit delivers power with less distortion and zero On/Off switching noise. So crank it up, or turn it down for easy listening. Either way, your music will never sound quite like this.

Marine Power Amp

A marine amplifier is essential in marine applications where engine noise and high ambient noise, such as wind and water, competes with the sound system. Without an amplifier, cranking up the volume only means one thing: increased distortion and damage to your speakers. It’s a known fact in the audio world that an amplifier does more than increase a system’s volume level. It reduces distortion at high volume levels, resulting in music reproduction that’s crisp, clean and powerful.

New Sport Series Speakers

Clarion is introducing its most aggressive speaker lineup yet, as it unveils all-new seven-inch designs. The innovation starts with its Sport Series line, which includes a seven-inch coaxial and a 10-inch subwoofer. Both utilize a durable polypropylene cone, as well as a new cosmetic design. Clarion is also coming to market with three new seven-inch and three new 6.5- inch speaker solutions. Rounding out this lineup is an additional 10-inch subwoofer. This is a line you can get wet, because, at Clarion, we don’t sacrifice quality in our pursuit of listening perfection.

Clarion’s marine speakers were built to resist virtually anything the marine environment throws its way. This year, we introduce an all-new line that speaks to our motto in 2005: “Bigger Is Better.”

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