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Powered to Perform, Created to Overwhelm

Your amplifier and speaker system is the interface between audio signals and your senses. So the quality of your components will have a direct impact on the quality of sound you experience. From crystalline highs to thundering lows, Clarion amps and speakers deliver the sound of satisfaction.

Clarion Amps Feature High Performance

New for 2006 is an amplifier line that does it all – jaw-dropping power, stunning sonic performance, industry leading features and all at prices that will revolutionize the industry. How was this achieved? The latest technologies were combined with classic designs for benchmark performance and stunning reliability. Our new DPX11500 and DPX1800 amplifiers feature a combination of Class G and Class H power supplies and output stages – not just a simple Class D design. This allows these amps to produce more power (1500W and 800W respectively with CEA-2006 compliance) while putting less load on your cars electrical system. This means more power to your speakers, no thermal shutdown problems and longer play times than our competitors – at any price. Is sonic purity your game? The new Clarion APX2180 and APX4360 amplifiers deliver with awesome 10Hz to 50kHz (±1dB) frequency response and distortion numbers as low as 0.004%. All the time offering a sonic signature that matches or betters most amplifiers costing two or three times as much. Looking for industry leading features? We offer innovative features such as our threestage Input Voltage Selector gain control, Precise Frequency Selector Crossover and even simple connectivity with speaker level inputs on every model. The 2006 Clarion amplifier shares the same cosmetic theme from top to bottom – so you can mix and match products to create the perfect system – at the perfect price.

Clarion Subwoofers – a new benchmark for performance, style and value.

Low frequency extension, small enclosure requirements and awesome power handling – just three of the characteristics of the new PXW subwoofer line. These subwoofers don’t just sound great, but they look equally impressive. These subwoofers feature an aggressively styled cast aluminum basket for a rock solid foundation. The cones are formed using a composite of pulp paper and kevlar. Linear poly-cotton spiders with oversized tinsel leads sewn to them ensure perfect piston-like operation. Our electrolytically applied spun aluminum polypropylene dust cap is reinforced with five spokes that not only look cool, but add significant strength. The copolymer composite surround allows awesome driver excursion, combined with the longevity and durability of rubber and the flexibility of foam. The new PXW line of subwoofers can handle serious power. Spider Exhaust Technology, a vented pole piece and high temperature voice coil formers allow the 15″ PXW1552 to handle 1,500W of maximum music power, while the 10″ and 12″ versions will handle 1,000W without damage to the voice coil or suspension component failure. Many of the technologies and features found in the PXW line of subwoofers trickles down into the SRW and SW series subwoofers. Clarion subwoofers offer stunning performance and awesome styling – all at prices that embarrass the competition.

Clarion Speakers Span the Spectrum from Bass to Treble

Subwoofers sometimes steal the spotlight, but you can’t get great sound without great speakers for midrange and high frequencies. Clarion’s plate, coaxial, and component speakers utilize titaniummetallized mica-injection polypropylene woofer cones with powerful strontium magnets for bass, metallized balanceddrive tweeters with neodymium magnets for treble, and high technology from top to bottom. Two-way, three-way and fourway speakers meet the needs of different listeners and different vehicles. Clarion’s speakers include OEM upgrades (those designed to replace OEM speakers that were installed in vehicles when they are built at the factory) and component speakers designed for custom AV mobileentertainment systems. For example, the SRS 1686 two-way component speakers combine a 3/4″ silk-dome tweeter with a 6 1/2″ glass-fiber-cone woofer and a twoway crossover network attenuating signals outside the passband with a slope of 12 dB per octave. And these speakers will take 250 watts of maximum music power.

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