Powerful Features, Seamless Technology Integration, The Future of Multimedia is Here

Clarion multimedia products for 2006 lead the way to the ultimate in-car entertainment experience. The flagship model VRX765VD offers a unique twist to the single DIN architecture by integrating features that allow multimedia experiences in the car to surpass the boundaries of your imagination. Twenty first century technologies like 5.1-channel surround sound processing, flawless disc playback, HDD navigation connectivity (only MAX675VD), touch screen control and unmatched iPod integration create an A/V control center that is both easy to use and installation friendly. Clarion’s 2006 multimedia product line offers a completely re-engineered process of the Human Machine Interface (H.M.I.). We thought of the installation, configuration, and perhaps most importantly the end user. Clarion multimedia: Driving toward the future.

Crystal Clear Images and Sound so Authentic You Will Forget You’re in a Car

Clarion’s multimedia displays offer a viewing intensity previously not available in the vehicle environment. Theater quality DVD-video playback combined with the enveloping capacity of 5.1-channel surround sound processing ensures an experience that rivals the most impressive home theater system. With advanced Dolby Digital and dts decoding, Clarion’s multimedia solutions have the latest technologies packaged intelligently into products that provide exceptional entertainment value, yet are still user friendly. Multimedia should be fun and exciting for passengers in the car and Clarion has what you need to make the journey of getting there more than just a trip, it’s an experience.

North American Destinations and Route Guidance at Your Fingertips

Clarion’s advanced Hard Disc Drive (HDD) navigation with a 30GB capacity ensures that the potential of travel convenience blends effortlessly into their user-friendly navigation system interface. Intended for pairing with the MAX675VD 2-DIN multimedia station, the user can leverage the power of voice commands and touch screen control to quickly and accurately integrate navigation into everyday driving. A superior HMI offering colorful mapping representation and 3D menu selections make it both safe and convenient for drivers to enter and locate destinations all over the USA and Canada. Clarion’s own high performance “speech recognition” technology adds an additional layer of control flexibility with an unsurpassed level of driver safety. Our miniature GPS antenna allows data collection of the GPS signal and provides you with location accuracy as close at 30 feet. Getting lost or off course is no longer an issue when a Clarion navigation system takes you there.

True iPod Integration Without Complications

The attachment of the iPod to mobile audio systems is not unique, but Clarion offers the industry’s most robust and integrated iPod connectivity. All of the information and control that is built-in an iPod can be intuitively accessed with the touch panel features of Clarion’s multimedia control centers. Users can access all of the songs and playlists that are visible in iTunes directly from the Clarion multimedia controller. There’s no need to learn any new procedures or secret handshakes. Clarion multimedia means true integration.

Finally, Integrated Entertainment Solutions for Mobile Enthusiasts

Entertainment at it’s best. That’s how Clarion’s multimedia units are engineered. From the audio purity of the same 24-bit DAC’s found in the legendary DRZ9255 to the visual resolution of high quality TFT displays, Clarion reacts to the demands of the true mobile entertainment enthusiast. Our navigation systems add safety and convenience to the drive so every occupant enjoys the benefits of our technology. At Clarion, we’re driving in-car multimedia technology toward the future. Come along and experience the drive.

Audio & Visual

More Than a Song or a Video, it’s an Awesome Automotive Experience

While there are numerous examples of audio and visual entertainment systems, nothing comes close to the Clarion multimedia products for 2006. The sonic purity, the visual integration, and the unmatched media flexibility make Clarion the leader of the industry. The sonic purity of 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converters allow digital media of all types to be reproduced with the greatest accuracy and 5.1-channel surround processing capabilities further elevate the sonic result into an ethereal listening experience. The seamless integration of visual source inputs make for easy switching between control screens and visual sources without the need for complex menu steps. The media flexibility of virtually every disc format (including MP3 and WMA), as well as iPod integration and 2 independent media delivery zones make Clarion’s latest multimedia products truly remarkable.


Clarion Navigation Takes You There Hassle-Free, So Sit Back and Enjoy the Drive

Even a driver who is totally integrated into their surroundings and familiar with the roads has better things to do than plan routes and research destinations. Clarion’s seamless integration of navigation technology brings near military-spec location accuracy into the roads and highways of urban digital mapping. The integrated 30GB Hard Disc Drive (HDD) navigation system coupled with a robust, graphical Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes the technology of “getting there” seem more like an ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy the on-board entertainment of Clarion’s multimedia masterpieces. Mapping data covers the entire USA as well as Canada, so wherever it is you are planning to go, Clarion navigation can take you there safely, accurately and conveniently.

True Connectivity

Expanding the Multimedia System’s Features is Virtually Effortless

Multimedia Station

Not all in-car multimedia systems have the same features and not every enthusiast has the same needs. Clarion’s expert product engineering teams have devised a way for the wide range of features to integrate seamlessly with Clarion CeNET multimedia controllers. Any of the peripheral devices that have CeNET connectivity can literally plug into the network and begin functioning with other devices in a Clarion multimedia system. No longer is there a complex series of power, control and audio connections for each device that connects to the in-dash control unit. CeNET connectivity enables Satellite Radio, HDD navigation, CD/DVD Changers, TV tuner, 5.1 Surround Sound and more. With the true connectivity of an easily expandable multimedia system, Clarion has your current and future needs covered.

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