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Clarion Launches the Technologically Enriched N.I.C.E. Transportable Navigation System

Gardena, CA – (January 6, 2005) Clarion Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, launches its N.I.C.E. (navigation in car entertainment) transportable navigation system for mobile information and entertainment solutions.

This touch-screen system will provide users with point-to-point visual directions on its 7-inch digital TFT LCD display. Users will also get turn-by-turn voice guidance to their destination. The practical navigation system also includes automatic route recalculation in event that the driver takes a different route than the navigation recommends.

The versatile and transportable navigation system is compact in design and style, making it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. A petite suction cup that easily attaches to the windshield also allows this unit to be conveniently transferred between cars.

“This transportable system incorporates innovative technologies, including points of interest (POI) and touch screen capability,” says Ralph Dominguez, Clarion’s Senior Product Planning Manager.

Not only is N.I.C.E. a valuable information source, but it is a source for entertainment as well. The unit can be used for many different purposes including MP3/WMA storage and playback, video playback via A/V input, and downloading images through the adaptable USB port. The transportable navigation unit is Sirius satellite-ready and has a built-in FM transmitter that will allow a user to seamlessly play stored MP3 tracks through the existing audio system.

“The transportable navigation unit should meet and exceed our customer’s expectations,” explains Dominguez, “because it encompasses features that customers want in a navigation system with the added benefit of entertainment options as well.”

The MSRP for the transportable navigation is $1,399.99.

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