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Clarion Unveils the Flagship DXZ955MC

Gardena, CA - (January 6, 2005) - Clarion Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, introduces the flagship DXZ955MC to the Music Catcher and Optimedia lines to satisfy customer’s desires. This unit combines two sought after technologies and touts touch-screen control, one-touch CD recording, superior sound-enhancement options and a stunning stainless steel faceplate.

The Music Catcher feature allows the user to press the onscreen “Record” button to save up to 6 CDs worth of music storage. An additional benefit of the Music Catcher technology is that it is easy to enjoy skip-free playback at the touch of a button.

The Optimedia technology includes full-dot, high-contrast positive display access that links to superior graphics, multiple background colors, screensavers and wallpaper and a 4.2-inch full-color TFT display. Because of the multiple options, the DXZ955MC unit is truly designed for the tech savvy individual.

“The DXZ955MC is specifically designed for the true audiophile, with a new on-screen layout, improved motion graphics, and better control,” says Ralph Dominguez, Clarion’s Senior Product Planning Manager.

The DXZ955MC includes many enhanced features. For instance, the DXZ955MC functions with a 4V/ 6-Channel line level output. The line level boasts three pairs of 4-volt pre-outs that guarantee a clean, powerful signal path to the amplifier. This results in an efficient running amplifier that delivers better dynamic sound with crystal-clear highs and ground-pounding bass. The DXZ955MC delivers 53 Watts x 4 Channels of unyielding power and superior linearity. Clarion takes this even further, allowing the user to select from 3 modes (STD Mode, PLII Mode and Multi Mode) to accommodate a wide-array of system configurations.

The DXZ955MC displays another incredible feature: the unit is CeNET-ready, so users can hook up their third-generation and newer iPod music players and listen to more tunes, reveling in music nirvana.

The MSRP for the DXZ955MC is $899.99.

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