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A Message from the President

(July, 2013)
Pursuing Progress for People,Society and the Environment in Times of Change.
The market environment for Clarion’s business, as well as the origins of the added value our products offer, are changing on a global scale. We believe this is because the market itself is undergoing a structural change. And we also feel it necessary for the Clarion group to regard this change as an enormous opportunity.
Currently we are in the process of revamping our structure to enable simultaneous “strengthening our business base” and “laying the foundation for growth”. Activities are being implemented in order to cultivate new product domains and to become a truly global company with eyes set on upcoming high-growth markets.
Fully understanding the characteristics of each market, we shall also endeavor to develop new technologies in order to offer more innovative products and services. Our primary strength is in being able to offer the resulting products and services to customers in a timely fashion.
We shall always remain true to the spirit of “We are Clarion”, all of us always united in our march forward, meeting our responsibilities to society as part of the Hitachi Group, in order to grow as a company that is truly needed by society.

Expansion From In-Vehicle Equipment Manufacturer To In-Vehicle Information System Provider

The market environment surrounding Clarion is in upheaval. Clarion will face this rapidly changing market while promptly adapting and evolving its business model. As such, our domain is being shifted from the previous car navigation and audio as an invehicle equipment manufacturer, to new business domains of “Automotive Cloud Information Network Service” including software and service, as well as “Vision System” business in the realm of safety and security.
Realizing value-added products and services that “connect” by letting people access the various information and service they need, in their daily lives, any time they want, in an optimized format, so they can feel more fully a sense of safety, security and comfort.
Managing the information required for vehicles, people and the environment, in a cohesive manner, to provide each of our customers with maximum value through safety and comfort. These are the things that Clarion will provide by simultaneously developing a comprehensive information management system and optimized user interface, and linking them together to provide uniquely attractive customer value. Moreover, Clarion will pursue the limitless potential of future innovation, such as contributing to social infrastructure through energy management aimed at lessening the burden on the environment.

Activities of a Truly Global Corporation

Clarion divides its global operations into five regions, namely Japan, the Americas (North/Central/South America), Europe, China, and ASEAN/India. Each region maintains its own control function regarding the region, including the functions of marketing, development, production, and sales. We will continue to provide each and every region with the ideal products and services, by organically combining various functions based on geographical region, customers, and products. Instead of controlling everything from the headquarters in Japan, all regions will have the rights and responsibilities that come with autonomy, and by swiftly coordinating with other regions, a highly global management organization is realized.

Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Society

Global warming is one of the most critical environmental issues facing our planet, and its effects appear in ways that cross national boundaries, at an increasingly alarming pace. As the earth experiences abrupt environmental changes, the importance of environmental measures as a corporate responsibility also rises, as we attempt to realize a sustainable, recycle-based society.
At Clarion, we have positioned these environmental issues as business challenges, and are implementing the Clarion Environmental Management Plan on a global scale including our overseas business activities. In keeping with our aspirations to be a “company that is truly needed by society”, global environmental considerations and activities such as these will be mission-critical to our enterprise.

To Our Stakeholders

To our customers,  I wish to state that as society and technology continue to evolve, we will go on finding out user needs as quickly as possible, to provide unique products and services that incorporate the latest innovations. We will not rest as we continue to create products and services that offer true satisfaction, comfort and joy to our customers.
To our shareholders,  I wish to report our intention to transform into a more robust corporate structure. We will continue to face lofty challenges to meet our new objectives.
To our suppliers and business partners,  I would like to state that the entire Clarion Group is establishing “Automotive Cloud Information Network Service” as a new keystone for our business in addition to in-vehicle information equipment. As changes in the market environment, globalization, and technological advances all contribute to the accelerated pace of change in the world we live in, we will move as swiftly as possible to accommodate new challenges through an optimized corporate structure. Clarion promises to always be a clear thinker that is quick to action.
To our employees,  let me say that the only way for Clarion to thrive is by sharing the values of each and every one of you and working diligently together. To help make this possible, we will be endeavoring to create a corporate environment where you can feel “I’m so glad to be a part of Clarion”.
Tatsuhiko IZUMI
Clarion Co., Ltd.

Generating Synergy by Harnessing the Comprehensive Strengths of Hitachi Group

As a member of the Hitachi group, Clarion generates synergy in a variety of situations. We cooperate closely with Hitachi’s Information & Telecommunication Systems Company, and pool together their abundant experience and technological know-how in IT platforms, to provide the Cloud Service for Vehicle “Smart Access”.
We are also working closely with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd., who holds a large market share in drive control systems. We are exploring new values by combination of vehicle information and Clarion’s in-car device so that our customers can be provided with a safer and more secure driving experience.
Hitachi, Ltd. owns and operates top-notch R&D facilities. By incorporating Hitachi’s high quality study results into Clarion’s products, including image-recognition technology to be used in Vision System products (camera compatible products), we at Clarion will be better able to introduce winning products into a fiercely competitive market.

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