A Message from the President

  • Clarion Co., Ltd.

Tatsuhiko IZUMI, President of Clarion Co., Ltd.

Laying a path through unknown fields via a bold business strategy and foresight

Since its inception, Clarion has steadfastly pursued a coherent strategy based on developing, manufacturing and selling car audio systems and AV terminals. During this time, we commercialized Japan’s first car radio and car stereo system. In addition, we commercialized the world’s first car computer system, the AutoPC, ahead of our competitors.

Currently, the industry is advancing further as we go through an era of telematics, a type of information communication network. The significant jump in the types and amount of information flowing through networks today has made it necessary to drastically improve communication and processing speeds. Even in-vehicle devices need to be compatible to this environment, and consequently, our industry is being facing demands to advance to levels that have never been reached before. In addition, new in-vehicle devices cannot just operate individually. These products are rapidly moving towards establishing a close link to the main function of vehicles, which is to “move.” In other words, the in-vehicle environment is transforming rapidly from a closed space, to a moving, seamless information environment.

Tatsuhiko IZUMI, President

Another way to look at this change is from the perspective of our products. In the past, we have been providing products in the “entertainment zone” designed to establish an optimal in-vehicle environment. This is something that we have always been proficient at doing. Now, we are being asked to combine this aspect with products designed for a vehicle’s “transportation zone,” an area where safety is the top priority.

There is no doubt that these two zones will continue to expand and advance in the future.

As a result, I expect that our relationship with society as a whole will also grow deeper. This is already becoming evident with environmental issues, and I feel that we have a large role to play in combating such problems. As you can see, our role and responsibilities to society are expected to grow more than ever before in the future.

In 2010, we will be celebrating our 70th year since introducing car radios to the world. In order to satisfy our roles and responsibilities as a specialist manufacturer in this ever-changing environment, we have formulated a basic philosophy and a corporate vision, called “Vision 70.”

•Our Basic Philosophy – Clarion strives to improve society by seeking to develop the relationship between sound, information, and human interaction, and by creating products to meet those needs.

•Vision 70 – In an environment of “Mobile Infoentertainment” where people can enjoy sound and information in their cars, we will create products that emphasize a “Fresh Feeling of Safety” and “Fresh Pleasure” and provide excitement and satisfaction to our customers.

By steadfastly implementing the Vision 70 plan, Clarion will push on with our goal of becoming a “Company that is viewed as truly essential to the world.”

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