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Pursuing New Simplicity of Use with People-Friendly HMI.

In the car audio market where we have pursued further improvements in performance such as linked operation of digital media and high-fidelity reproduction of sound sources, we have marketed the DXZ955MC with Music Catcher® function for easy recording of songs from CD to center unit, and touch panel operation for easy mastering of high sound quality and high performance features.

Ever since its debut, car navigation has continued to evolve and offer ever increasing value. Clarion has always sought to develop products with a human-machine interface that eliminates complicated operations coming from increased functions. Our MAX950HD, an integrated AV-HDD navigation center unit equipped with touch panel display and control of iPod® functions, is but one example of this.

In the age of rapidly evolving technology, we intentionally returned to basics and focused on ease of use. Here you will find our philosophy of the user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) that we have long striven for, are alive and breathing in our products.

Passing On the Commitment to Sound We Have Pursued since Our Inception.

Traditionally, an expensive car audio system was necessary to enjoy high-quality sound inside a vehicle, putting it beyond the reach of many ordinary users. Driven by the desire to let large numbers of people enjoy good sound inside a car, in 1996 we launched DRX9255, a high-sound-quality audio product with excellent cost-performance.

At the time our innovative achievement in hi-fidelity reproduction of crisp CD sound inside the cabin of a car was eagerly embraced, and the product garnered the support of a large number of users. Time went by and we developed the DRZ9255, which leverages advanced digital technology while carrying on the concepts behind DRX9255. Even as the times have changed, we have persisted in our unwavering commitment to sound.

Implementing Telematics, Connecting Vehicles to the Outside World with Information.

Driving times for community buses are affected by traffic conditions, which is hardly convenient to either passengers or bus management companies. In order to solve this long standing problem, Clarion created the “Networking Auto Guide System” which connects the inside of a vehicle to the networks of the outside world. This allows passengers to ascertain information on bus operation in real time and makes it possible to eliminate the stress of waiting and inconvenience inherent to bus travel.

Bus operators are able to lower costs and improve customer satisfaction by operating efficiently taking advantage of this information management system, and, as a result, the system substantially contributes to increases in passenger numbers. This achievement has been brought about by the experience and know-how of Clarion as the top maker of equipment for buses as well as its accomplishments in R&D directed at realizing a Telematics environment.

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