Business Domain

Creating a Mobile-Infoentertainment Environment that Offers New Enjoyment by Harnessing the Power of Sound and Information.

Advances in the communications environment through broadband and wireless technology, substantial improvements in computer processing capacity, smaller and lighter devices that make possible mobile phones and PDAs: Supported by this dramatic evolution in technology, mobile computing is about to change the sense of value in people’s lives, and even in business.

Clarion has traditionally approached these changes in the mobile environment from the perspective of the car and has continuously provided a variety of products as a dedicated manufacturer of in-vehicle equipment. Based on our technological capacities, developmental capabilities, ideas and know-how we have cultivated to date, now under our new corporate vision, “Vision-70”, we are expanding our business areas from the traditional “in-car environment” to the total “mobile environment”.

We are transforming from a dedicated in-vehicle equipment manufacturer into a solution proposing company that creates new mobile lifestyles by proposing a new environment of Mobile-Infoentertainment for the enjoyment of sound and information, and providing a “fresh feeling of safety” and “fresh pleasure” through our products and services.

Please look forward to the new Clarion as we continue to evolve ahead of our 70th anniversary.

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