Bus Systems

Offering the Total Solution for Commercial Vehicles, Looking Ahead to the Future

Increasing convenience for passengers and improving business efficiency for operators by obtaining location information on moving vehicles, and performing real-time traffic control and data gathering via a communication network. Demand for Telematics is rising fast in the commercial-vehicle field, where operators’ aims are to satisfy customers and improve efficiency. In order to swiftly respond to market trends, Clarion, as a leading manufacturer of bus equipment, has been working on a total fleet management solution as a new business opportunity. These include, to start with, the bus location system and other fleet management and control of commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks and taxis.

In this effort, Clarion has developed a next generation platform of in-vehicle terminal and commercialized it with the name NetAGS (Networking Auto Guide System) for community buses. This platform employs Linux and Java™ as its OS (Operating System) which boast exceptional versatility, expandability, long-term compatibility and maintainability. Clarion is expanding its offer to the next generation fleet management. Clarion’s development still goes further from invehicle devices to systems, servers and custom-made software applications for each specific customer to control the moving vehicles from outside. Clarion makes it possible, in collaboration with solution-partners, comprehensive services for customers in different fields, forms and scales of business.

Bus system diagram

Noncontact IC Card Offering Increased Efficiency in Fare Collection and Information Management

The noncontact IC card is a card which can collect fares automatically; the passenger simply passes the IC card over the card reader when getting on and off the bus. While this offers speedier and smoother bus boarding and exiting, it also provides valuable information for the bus operator by collecting passenger boarding/exiting data, allowing effective planning of bus operations, and allowing comprehensive management of bus operations. In the future, it is a likely candidate for use in fields other than bus operations.

IC card

Karaoke and AV System Adding Life to Tourist Buses

Clarion offers total entertainment systems for tourist buses using a wide array of audio-visual technology, including synthesizer HDD karaoke machines, VTRs, TV tuners, high-resolution 21” color monitors, high-performance amplifier and speaker systems as well as a 6ch multi-audio system enabling each passenger to listen to the channel of their choice. Clarion also developed a system by which news, advertisements, and emergency announcements are transmitted to buses via broadcasts and communication systems. We are also actively involved in the research and development of a system whereby digital terrestrial broadcasts, the mainstream TV broadcasts of the future, can be received and viewed on a moving bus.

AV systems

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