Pursuing Ultimate Sound without Sacrifice of Eco-Friendliness nor Ease of Operation

A car interior, with its speaker mounting limitations, sound-reflecting glass and sound-absorbing seats, does not make an ideal listening room. But even in these adverse conditions we have always endeavored to produce a truly high quality sound based on our original sound field creation technology. Clarion has thus gained a solid reputation in the field of car audio.

Our latest models have been equipped with a myriad of high sound quality technologies to provide the superior sound source reproduction capabilities that Clarion has always pursued, such as a built-in 5.1ch Surround Processor to create a sound field with overwhelming presence and dimensionality within the car. Additionally, they provide a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use HMI (Human Machine Interface) through functions such as intuitive touch panel operation and the Music Catcher® function which enables easy recording and playback of CD music stored on the center unit’s memory.

What’s more, in order to thoroughly control the reduction of substances that are potentially harmful to the environment, we are promoting the use of hexavalent chromium-free parts and lead-free solder, in an effort to develop eco-friendly products.


DVD/Wide 7-inch AV Center Unit


CD/MP3/WMA/Music Catcher Center Unit with Touch Panel Control

DXZ958RMC Winner of “EISA Award”

The DXZ958RMC that we introduced as a European model for 2005 was given the EISA Award as “European Mobile Head Unit of the Year 2005-2006”. EISA Awards are a renowned prize whose winners are chosen by the experts at approximately 50 prominent magazines from 18 European nations who are members of the European Imaging & Sound Association (EISA). In addition to its superior sound sculpting functions, the Music Catcher® function and full-color touch panel which simplifies operations overall were given high marks as the reasons behind winning this award.

Good Design Awards to Three 2004 Models

Clarion design has been highly evaluated, and among many models in the market, three of ours, the DRZ9255, DXZ945MP and DMZ846MP, received the Good Design Award 2004-2005 in the Product Design Category for in-vehicle and related products. Additionally, our DRZ9255 was given top honors by the Japanese quarterly “Auto Sound” Vol.51, in its 2004 Autumn Best Buy Car Audio Components CD Audio category. In the future we will continue to develop products that will be highly regarded not only for their superior sound, but also for their outstanding design.


High-Quality CD Center Unit


2-DIN CD/MD/MP3/WMA Center Unit


CD Center Unit with Touch Panel Control

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