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Environmental Protection Activities

Environmental Considerations in Products

Clarion is strongly committed to developing and offering products that have minimal impact on the environment by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), a system of assessing the environmental impact of products over their entire life. We also promote efforts from the designing stage on curbing harmful substances in order to comply with stringent laws and regulations and with the requirements of car manufacturers. In addition, We promote “green purchasing” and have established analyzing system of substances with environmental impacts. With these, we make strong efforts to manage and curtail substances impacting the environment from the very level of material and components.

Products that do not negatively impact the in-vehicle environment

Fluorescent X-ray analyzer to check for substances with environmental impact

Facilitating information disclosure and communication with the publication of “Clarion Report”

The “Clarion Report 2005” is in a part a summary of Clarion’s “corporate power”, the aspect of our enterprise that used to be publicized in “Information on Clarion”, covering corporate vision and business strategies.

In addition to this, we intended to inform the readers our activities in environmental, economic and social areas from the perspective of our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

It also includes the interview with the President and a large number of interviews with Clarion employees, in an attempt to reflect the true and candid opinions about the company of the corporation.

Through this report, we aim to establish ever closer communication with our stakeholders, and enhance our activities in information disclosure and in bringing forth a sustainable society for the future.

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