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Environmental Protection Activities

Promoting environmental protection activities based on a consistent policy

In 1997, Clarion set forth in its Corporate Philosophy the goals of “maintaining a strong awareness of our place in nature and a commitment to the environment” and of “fulfilling our responsibility, as a corporate citizen, for a better society” with the awareness that environmental protection is one of the most important issues for the global community and thus form the core of business activities. In April 2000, Clarion’s four domestic sites— Head Office, Headquarters, Tohoku Office, and Gunma Office—simultaneously acquired ISO14001 certification. In February 2003, we passed the first renewal audit which is conducted every three years, and were acknowledged for faithfully maintaining the environmental management system.

Furthermore, In February 2004, we passed the regular inspection and obtained continuous certification. As part of its efforts to promote the environmental management system, Clarion issued “Environmental Report 2003” in 2003 and an upgraded version of the report under the new name “Sustainability Report 2004” in 2004 as a means of widely disclosing and obtaining understanding of its environmental protection activities.

Establishment of subcommittees for each of the 8 themes of environmental protection

Clarion created an environmental management system in line with the ISO14001 standard, and organized a Standing Committee on the Environment with the president acting as chairperson to promote environmental protection activities. Important issues in environmental protection were classified into 8 themes, and specific goals and objectives were established for each theme. A separate subcommittee for each of the 8 themes takes the initiative in addressing relevant environmental protection measures.

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