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Make Your Music Seaworthy

Engineered To Withstand Salt Water

Our M704 source unit is IP66 tested and certified to provide you the best in water intrusion and salt water protection in its class.

Easy-Selection Menu Screen

Accessing the functions or sources you want is quick and easy with the intuitive menu screen. Just browse left and right through your available choices and select it to activate. Icon graphics make it easy to recognize the selections at a glance.

Dual USB Rear Connectors

Equipped with two USB pigtails on the rear, it’s easy to connect a variety of sources. In addition to smartphone you can also play music files stored on a USB memory device or portable audio player. The ability to keep two devices connected at the same time means there’s no need to disconnect and reconnect each time you want to change your external source.

Smartphone Connectivity For Seamless Enjoyment Of Your Favorite Music

If you’re an owner of an smartphone, you’ll be happy to know that the music stored on it can be enjoyed on your boat’s audio system, just like you would on land.

Bluetooth for Hands-Free Communication and Stereo Audio Streaming

Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free voice communication, compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. Play music stored on any Bluetooth device, whether it's a mobile phone or a portable audio player, with wireless convenience. Each list is possible when using a smartphone supporting the Bluetooth profile AVRCP1.4.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio With Optional Tuner

Connecting an optional SiriusXM-Connect Vehicle Tuner gives you access to over 140 channels, including commercial-free music, sports, news, talk and entertainment. Replay functions, such as Go- Live allows you to Pause a song that is currently playing, then resume where you paused the song at along with the ability to fast forward or fast back through the song that has been buffered.

Enjoy Interactive Pandora internet radio Anytime On The Water

Listen to the music, and be heard. Pandora plays songs while you feedback a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" which is reflected in future selections. Album artwork and Song information, as well as the ability to bookmark Artists/Tracks and create your own station, are supported by the Pandora app on your smartphone.

Dual Zone Source / Volume Control

With this function, it is possible to split your boat into two discrete zones to enjoy different sources of entertainment. For instance, the fore can be tuned-in to a radio station while the stern can be dancing to tunes from a smart device. Volume levels can be individually controlled so you can have a party going at full blast while keeping an ear on weather information up front.

Marine Wired Remote Control Ready

With Clarion’s watertight, MW1, MW2 and MW4 Wired Remote Controls (Optional), command of your system is always just an arm’s reach away. LCD-equipped models will even let you see song titles and artist information with compatible sources.
Power Output:
19W × 4 RMS (4Ω@14.4V≤1% THD+N)
Signal to Noise Ratio:
93dB (Ref; 1W into 4Ω)
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