Give your car entertainment some real clout with Smart Access

Clarion’s Smart Access cloud network service platform lets you access a vast array of content that is constantly updated with the latest information.

Designed to put everything within finger’s reach

The flat face panel and cool black trimming give this 2-DIN source unit undeniable presence. Large icon graphics put myriad features at the tip of your finger, and blue-illuminated buttons are design-integrated with the frame.

Ultimate flexibility to connect your smartphone

Connect your Android™ smartphone or iPhone®, and enjoy apps that have been optimised for in-car use. Social networking, music, news, weather, you name it!

A touch of innovation… with a flick!

Listen to music, launch navigation, anything you want is as easy as touch and flick. So you can keep your eyes on the road while driving, and let your fingers do the walking.

∗This device does not have built-in navigation. Please navigate using a smartphone app.

Multi-touch operation for intuitive zooming

Zoom in and get a closer look simply by touching with two fingers and widening the span - just like you’re used to doing on your smartphone screen.
Intuitively zoom in and out.

Launch an app for GPS car navigation

Display screens from your car navigation app iGO or navfree. Either way it’s as easy as launching the app on your smartphone.

Take your tunes out for a spin

Listen to music files stored on your iPod®, iPhone
or USB memory. Keep on moving to the music,
whether you’re blazing down a highway or stuck in

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