Mechanism-free design — solid performance for a new age

The FZ502E features a mechanism-free design, so there are no internal moving parts that can wear out over time. You get solid performance, over a longer lifespan, while having access to all the newest digital media including music files and extensive connectivity.

Parrot Bluetooth® for hands-free communication, access to your phonebook and stereo audio streaming

Wide compatibility with mobile phones ensures that you’ll have maximum hands-free communication in your car, with the minimum of hassle. You can also enjoy playing music stored on your phone with Bluetooth A2DP wireless stereo audio streaming.

Superior iPod® and iPhone® connectivity

Just connect your iPod or iPhone to the source unit’s USB port to access and play music through your car audio system. Operate your iPod using the source unit controls, including ABC Search, or use your iPod's control wheel for simple control.

7-way rotary volume knob for multi-functional operation.

A lion’s share of functions has been incorporated into this single control. In addition to turning it to adjust the volume, you can use it as an up/down function to select a preset radio station, or a left/right function to tune in manually. The large size makes it easy to handle even while driving.

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