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6.5" Colour LCD Monitor


・Zoom / Iris / Distance markers
・AUX video input (NTSC / PAL)
・Auto / Manual dimmer
・Optional power box is required (EA1246A or EA1232A)

Improved low-light visibility

This system delivers even brighter, clearer images than blackand-white cameras, enabling reliable rearview monitoring in low light situations.

New low-distortion lens

The distortion typical of wideangle lenses has been corrected in this ultra-wide-angle lens to provide a wider, more natural view.

1.4× digital zoom function

Switch to a magnified centre area view with the touch of a button. The digital zoom delivers a detailed view when you need it for extra safety.

On-screen distance markers

On-screen markers are displayed at 1, 3, 5 and 7 metres for reference as rear proximity verification (CJ981E, CJ723E, CJ763E). The markers are designed in 7 patterns that correspond to the height at which the camera is installed on the vehicle. There are 7 screen marker patterns ranging from a height of 2 to approx. 3.5 metres (in steps of 25 cm). Furthermore, vertical and horizontal fine adjustment is possible.

Iris Function (Backlight Compensation Function)

Even during the daytime, particularly strong back-lighting in some parts of the image can cause sections in the shadow to become so black that you cannot make out the image. In this situation, you can use the Iris button to correct the camera’s exposure. The Iris function makes the dark sections lighter and therefore easier to see.
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