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[NX501/NZ501] Instructions for Bluetooth software update

1.1.Please prepare an empty micro SD card, of which capacity is more than 128 Mbyte.
(You cannot use the 4G Micro SD card that came with the NX501. If you do, it will void your warranty and you will need to purchase a replacement card.)
1.2.Please download "Latest-BT-Update(3.70.1).zip" file to your PC. A folder named "SW_Update" will be created.

Latest-BT-Update(3.70.1).zip (1.90MByte)

If you do not currently have winzip installed you can download it here.
1.3.Please extract the file and copy "SW_Update" folder into the micro SD card.
2.Update (The NX501 screens below are the same as NZ501.)
2.1.Please turn off the NX501 power with a long press of the volume button. Please turn off the NZ501 power with a long press of the MENU button.
2.2.Please insert the micro SD card into your NX501.
2.3.Please press the volume button of NX501, so you can see the screen below. Please press the MENU button of NZ501, so you can see the screen below.
2.4.Please press "PRESS HERE TO UPDATE" portion.
2.5.Please press "OK" button.
2.6.This is the update screen. It takes about three minutes and forty seconds to finish the update.
3.Confirm result
3.1.Please press the MENU button.
3.2.Please press the Telephone mode icon.
3.3.Please press ">" button at the bottom of the left side of the screen.
3.4.Please confirm the version is properly updated to HW200-SW370.
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