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FZ709 Mobile Phone Compatibility

This page supplies information about confirmed connectivity of FZ709 with various brands of mobile telephones.

Yes: Available
No: Unavailable
-: No function
*1 Remote control of audio streaming is not fully supported
*2 Audio streaming link is disconnected after a call
*3 Battery status is not supported
*4 Network signal is not supported
*5 Audio player does not resume automatically after call
*6 Bluetooth link is disconnected when audio transferred to mobile phone, therefore unable to transfer back on radio unit
*7 No ringtone is heard if silent incoming call from mobile phone
*8 Audio Streaming may not be playing smoothly
*9 Remote control of audio streaming is not responding
*10 Mobile phone doesn't respond to redial while audio player is running.
*11 Mobile phone doesn't respond to outgoing call while audio player is running/ Outgoing call cannot be performed from radio unit during audio streaming
*12 Redial function required 2 times operation
*13 Call cannot be transferred to mobile phone/radio unit
*14 No ringing tone is heard during incoming call
*15 There are noise, Low volume, Large echo, etc. Sound is distorted, cut out, etc.
*16 Transfer of whole phonebook data may not be available.
*17 It may not be available to register correctly from phone.
*18 Ringtone may not be available.
*19 It may be reconnected automatically even if it is disconnected by mobile phone.
*20 It may not be available to work normally by automatically connection, please connect by manual.
*21 Phone book may not be registered in correct order.
*22 Incoming call may begin in private talk mode when music is playing through Bluetooth(A2DP). Please press "private mode" key 2times to switch hands-free mode.
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