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FB275BT, FB275BTB Mobile Phone Compatibility

This page supplies information about confirmed connectivity of FB275BT, FB275BTB with various brands of mobile telephones.
Yes: Available
No: Unavailable
-: No function
*1 Cannot use voice dial via the handset
*2 Cannot connect automatically, required manual connection
*3 Cannot transfer call
*4 Cannot return to A2DP after end call
*5 There is no voice dial function in phone
*6 Reject/end call may cause the handset to disconnect
*7 Cannot reconnect from the car kit.
*8 Cannot use the redial function
*9 Cannot reject the calling
*10 Play audio streaming only in BT Audio mode, must stop for other modes
*11 Because of the network limitation, cannot display the caller ID.
*12 Cannot use the Voice dial
*13 Cannot return to A2DP after end call
*14 Cannot accept incoming call during audio streaming at car kit. Car kit disconnects as soon as the call is answered.
*15 Bluetooth disconnected each time a telephone function was initiated.
*16 Cannot reject incoming call during audio stream at handset.
*17 Cannot use seek up/down
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