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Smart Access Usage Caution/Notes

Notes about Smart Access

S1 Image size will be smaller or will display with a different aspect ratio due to black lines on the edges of the screen.
S2 Image may be distorted.
S4 If you cannot connect when switching smartphones, restart vehicle.
S5 Smart access mode may be cancelled when there is an interruption from other functions. If smart access mode does not re-activate after selecting, reconnect cable.
S6 Cannot perform accurate calibration.
S7 You may not be able to perform hands-free calling.
S8 When performing hands-free calling while a music app is running, music playback and in-call voice will both output from car speakers.
S11 You will either not able to use the app "Waze" or may experience problems in use of the app.
S12 You will either not able to use the app "Dash Command" or may experience problems in use of the app.

Notes about Cable Connection

■1 These are special MHL Adapter which was made for some “Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone”. You will need to use a dedicated HDMI conversion cable for your Smart Phone. (Samsung GENUINE: EPL-3FHUBE)
■2 You will not be able to use the Micro USB Cable and HDMI Cable simultaneously (you will not be able to charge your smartphone).
■3 Enable the HDMI output setting on the smartphone. Terminating your Bluetooth connection, removing the cable, making a call, accepting a call, turning your navigation off/on will cause the settings to turn OFF, therefore you will need to turn on your settings again.

Caution when using Smartphone Linking Function


・Boot the Smart Access App from your smartphone prior to using Smart Access. If you connect your smartphone without booting the Smart Access App from your smartphone and experience problems, delete registered smartphone from unit and re-register.

・You may need to unlock your smartphone when establishing Bluetooth connection.

・If Bluetooth connection fails, you may be able to connect by accessing the settings of the paired device from your smartphone and touching the “Input Device.”

General Notes

・For all smartphones other that iPhone, the default unit ringtone will ring (smartphone ringtone will not ring).

・If you experience monitor issues including snow noise, black screen, blinking screen, or offset screen while using Android devices, reconnect HDMI cable.

・Depending on smartphone, certain apps may not function normally.

・If you do not stop your music playback before you turn your engine OFF or remove cable during music app playback, the music may continue playing from smartphone.

・If unstable, please try the following:

◎Reconnect cable and reboot app.

◎Restart vehicle (Perform operation in a safe environment while parked).

◎Go to app settings in smartphone, select Smart Access App and select “Clear Data.”

◎Perform a system restore from unit settings (this will reset all settings to factory default).


・While using Smart Access, do not lock smartphone.

・Pressing the power button while using Smart Access may cause loss of sound. In this case, access the Smart Access menu screen.

・If the unit becomes unstable when changing the source of music, you may need to restart vehicle.

・While using Smart Access, if there is an outgoing/incoming call interruption, the app may have to be selected again after the call is completed.

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