AC-Processor IV

“AC-Processor IV”: Addressing New-Age Digital Sound Processing

Introducing the latest in sound processing technology: Clarion’s ACProcessor IV. For vibrant, dynamic sound that’s straight out of a movie theater or concert hall, Clarion’s newest version of its spatial analysis technology — which outfits the new DXZ955MC and DXZ855MP — puts you in total control. This allows users to engage Clarion’s Time Alignment Control to adjust the time delay of each speaker, or correct irregular reflection and polarization with the Virtual Space Enhancer. Source units equipped with this technology also offer a Parametric EQ for extreme system customization, as well as Clarion’s exclusive ADF compressed-audio enhancer. Also offered this year is Clarion’s AC Processor III. This version of Clarion’s spatial analysis technology outfits Clarion’s DXZ945MP. Like the newer version, AC Processor III provides users with Clarion’s Anti-Distortion Filter, Virtual Space Enhancer, Dolby Pro Logic II, Time Alignment Control, and a Parametric EQ. All of these features were designed to provide users with unparalleled control over their sound — whether a CD, DVD, or a MP3-loaded CD-R. To put it simply, both the AC Processor IV and AC Processor III deliver sound that can be customized to the user’s musical tastes.

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