Slim Design 6-3/4″ Powered Subwoofer

 Speaker type  6-3/4" counter drive powered subwoofer
 Unit used  6-3/4" MIPP cone woofer (Dual Voice coil)
 Rated output  60W (30W+30W)
 Max power output  120W (60W+60W)
 Playback frequency range  30 to 200Hz
 Cut-off frequency  50Hz/ 75Hz/ 100Hz/ 120Hz
 Input sensitivity  RCA input 20mV to 2V, Speaker input 0.2V to 20V
 Power source voltage  DC14.4V
 Ground  Negative
 Current consumption  7.0A
 External dimensions  [Main unit] 12-1/4" (W) × 2-5/8" (H) × 8-1/4" (D)
 [Remote control unit] 3-15/16" (W) × 1-1/8" (H) × 1" (D)
 Weight  [Body] 2.0Kg [Remote control] 220g

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