HDD Navigation System

  • USB Memory Slot
  • CeNET

Superior accuracy and a large map database will quickly guide you to your destination

Clarion has long been a world leader in navigation technology, supplying systems for some of the most prestigious auto manufacturers in the world. By using an internal Central Processor and Graphics Processor independent from the Multimedia source unit, along with a high speed 40 GB Hard Disc Drive, the NAX980HD offers fast and accurate route calculation. Folding paper maps have become a thing of the past with Clarion’s HDD Navigation System.

An installation friendly GPS antenna provides added flexibility and safety.

  • Compatible with VZ709 or VX709
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Audible Voice Commands in 3 Different Languages (English / French / Spanish)
  • 40GB Built-in High Speed Hard Disc Drive
  • Built-in Gyro Sensor
  • Quick access to Short Cut menu
  • Comprehensive 10M Points of Interest Database
  • Automatic Route Recalculation
  • Turn by Turn Voice Prompts
  • Front Panel USB Port

High Speed Hard Drive

Clarion’s 40 GB High Speed mobile Hard Drive is pre-loaded with highly detailed maps of the contiguous US and Canada, including more than 10 million points of interest. So, wherever you want to go, our HDD navigation system can get you there hassle-free.

Seamless Operation

By using a high sensitivity 12-channel GPS receiver, an on-board gyroscope and connecting to the vehicle’s speed sense circuit, the NAX980HD to functions just like a factory installed navigation system. It knows where you are, which way you are going, and actually learns your driving habits to get you where you want to go like no other system.

Graphics Processing

As a leader in the field of H.M.I., Clarion has integrated a dedicated Graphic Processing Unit into the NAX980HD to create high-resolution full motion 3D and 2D menus as well as map displays. By using this technology, Clarion offers menus with large, intuitive touch screen icons for ease of operation with minimal driver distraction.

Touch Screen Control

The NAX980HD can be used with either the VZ709 or VX709 to realize a fully integrated Audio, Video and Navigation system from a single interface. A simple touch of the screen is all that’s required to get you started.

USB Ready

The NAX980HD features a USB port on its front panel. By using this USB port, you can you can add customized wallpaper backgrounds downloaded from You can even back up all of your user data to a USB memory device. At Clarion, we think of everything.

Store up to 16 destinations as 3D icons in “My List”

“My List” features a new style of 3D menu display. It consists of two menu rings-Frequent and Favorite destinations. Frequent destinations are created from each route that is entered, and will store the 25 latest destinations as icons based on what the destination was, such as restaurant, hotel, etc. You can recall these destinations from the 3D menu rings on the touch screen display. Simply touch the icon to begin navigation to the chosen destination. You can drag and drop Frequent destinations into your Favorites file for permanent storage in your address book.

Uniquely Customizable

Fine-tune the way you use the NAX980HD. Turn on the Intersection Zoom for detailed information on your next turn or highway exit. Select the Turn List from the Setup Menu to display the next three maneuvers and the distance to each one. The NAX980HD is the ultimate tool to get you where you want to go.

Easy to Use

Using the NAX980HD is easier than ever. Large on-screen touch controls along with a user configurable interface, make getting the information you need simple and safe.

See Things Your Way

Choose a 2D standard map view or a 3D “out the window” view to make seeing where you want to go easy. Split screen viewing is available with either two 2D maps with different scales, or a 2D/3D screen. It’s in the details, and Clarion has them covered.

Location, Location, Location

With a mapping database by Navteq, the NAX980HD can provide over 10 million points of interest. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, or the location of that important meeting, Clarion has you covered.

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