• Multi-Source Switching of 4 A/V Sources With Up to 3 Different Zones (Monitors)
  • 4 RCA Composite A/V Inputs
  • 3 RCA Composite A/V Outputs
  • 3 Individual Wired Control Stations
  • Rear Camera Reverse Trigger Input
  • Allows Simple Switching Between DVD, VCR, TV, Rear Vision Camera or Gaming System

Multi-Zone Systems

Clarion’s MSS430 multi-zone “Source Commander” is an advanced audio and video switcher with a built-in video amplifier for exceptional video signal on up to three monitors using Composite Video inputs. It can accept up to 4 different video sources (such as DVD, Portable Media, Video Game and Rear View Camera) and send any combination of the source inputs to each of the three zones independently. Each zone contains a Composite Video output for a monitor and 2 channel RCA outputs for headphones or a zone amplifier/processor. This configuration is ideal for traditional candidates like SUVs and large sedans, but the possible applications extend to recreational vehicles, travel coaches, limousines and ultra high-end executive vehicles. Clarion has all the necessary support items like WH104 / WH204 / WH105 wireless headphones, several LCD monitor choices and even FM modulators. Clarion multimedia is the future.

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