• Compact Disc
  • Parametric EQ: Taking Sound Customization to the Next Level
  • 53W×4 HIGH POWER
  • CeNET
  • 6ch Output
  • AUX Input
  • Flip Down Console
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM B117 [Salt/Fog Exposure]
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM D4329 [UV Exposure]
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • Adjustable Display Contrast
  • 2-Band Parametric Equalizer
  • 18FM/6AM Presets
  • 212 Watt MOS-FET Amplifier (53 Watts × 4 Channels)
  • CD-R/RW Ready
  • Pelgan Z Coated PCB
  • CeNET Control of: 6-Disc CD Changer and Satellite Receiver
  • 6-Channel RCA Output
  • Adjustable Display Contrest
  • 2-Channel AUX Input with Input Level Control

Setting the Standard for Marine Audio

Clarion is serious about marine audio components. For Clarion, marine means more than a look. We have spent years designing, engineering and perfecting source units that can stand up to water and ultraviolet rays. Clarion’s CMD4 is a source unit designed to resist water in all its forms: waves, rain, humidity and everything else that the marine environment can throw at it. The CDM4’s cosmetics and features look as good as it sounds… wet or dry.

This Door Seals Watertight and Releases Quickly

Clarion’s unique rubber gasket door assembly gives the CMD4’s internal components complete water protection (this assembly has endured 10,000 duty cycles of testing). Innovation is nothing new for Clarion; our designs have shown unparalleled durability under extreme conditions and have been the industry reference for years. This design allows for easy one-touch CD loading… so the CMD4 is both reliable and functional.

CEA 2006 Power Ratings

19W x 4RMS [4Ω@14.4V ≤1% THD+N] S/N 80dB (Ref:1W into 4Ω)

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