It stands for Navigation In-Car Entertainment, but take it for a spin and you’ll see why the acronym is so fitting … N.I.C.E. This vehicle-to-vehicle solution comes with mapping software covering the entire continental U.S., a built-in GPS antenna, turn-by-turn voice prompts, easy route selection, an address book, two million Points of Interest, automatic rerouting, and much more. For entertainment, N.I.C.E. offers audio/video inputs, Sirius Satellite Radio capability, and stores MP3s and personal photos. Best of all, N.I.C.E. wirelessly interfaces with an existing sound system, and only requires an easy-to-use window mount for installation. Part tour guide, part personal entertainer … N.I.C.E.

  • 7-Inch Digital TFT LCD Monitor
  • Simple Destination Input With Touch-Screen Control
  • Turn-By-Turn Voice Prompts
  • Selectable Route Guidance
  • Three Mapping Views: 2-D, 3-D and Split Screen
  • Onscreen Compass, and Distance Indicators
  • Automatic Route Recalculation
  • Full-Featured Menus
  • 4,000-Capacity Address Book
  • 2 Million Points of Interest
  • Instant Recall of Last 15 Destinations
  • 20GB HDD for Storing Mapping Data, MP3 Music and Photos
  • 2.0 USB Port
  • Rear-View Camera Input and A/V Input
  • Sirius Satellite Ready
  • Customizable Screen Savers
  • Remote Control
  • Carrying Bag

10GB of Fun

Half of the unit’s 20GB hard drive is reserved solely for the purpose of entertainment. Utilizing its built-in USB 2.0 port, you can plug N.I.C.E. into a personal computer to download MP3 music files, or connect it to a digital camera to transfer personal photos. Once stored, you can select the “Photo” icon to watch a slideshow, or hit the “Music Playback” icon to play your MP3 files through your existing sound system via the unit’s built-in FM transmitter.

Video Playback and Rear View Camera Interface

The high-resolution Digital TFT LCD isn’t just for navigation. You can also use it as a rear view camera screen or for playing DVDs or video games. Offering a dedicated rear view cameria port, as well as an additional A/V input, N.I.C.E. can help you manuever out of parking spaces, or provide top-notch video entertainment. This is versatility at its best.

Compact Touch-Screen Monitor

Compact in design, the 7-inch Digital TFT LCD monitor projects high-resolution images that won’t strain the eyes. This translates into easy-to-see mapping displays and control screens. Oh, and it’s perfect for watching movies, viewing photos, and playing video games — but you knew that. Additionally, the monitor doubles as a touch-screen control pad so you can type in your destination, select a route or engage a function with just a simple touch. Now that’s N.I.C.E. .

Sirius Satellite Radio Interface

Not only does N.I.C.E. provide you with coast-to-coast GPS navigation, but you also get access to Sirius Satellite Radio’s coast-to-coast entertainment. By adding Clarion’s NAVSIR Sirius Satellite Radio interface and antenna, you can plug into Sirius’s more than 120 channels of music, talk and entertainment programming. Best of all, N.I.C.E. wirelessly transmits Sirius to an existing sound system via an FM transmitter.

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