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We could say the DXZ955MC represents Clarion’s relentless pursuit of perfection, but why? Just one look at this high-end unit says it all. Offering touch-screen control, one-touch CD recording, superior sound-enhancement options and a stunning stainless steel faceplate, this unit reeks of high-tech innovation.

  • Compact Disc Text
  • Windows Media
  • Made for iPod
  • CD-R/RW
  • MP3 ID3 TAG
  • 24-Bit D/A Converter: Music Reproduction at Its Best
  • Low-Pass and High-PassFilters
  • AC IV Processor
  • Digital 3Way X-OVER
  • Time Alignment
  • VSE
  • ADF: Created to Enhance Your Compress-Audio Listening
  • Parametric EQ: Taking Sound Customization to the Next Level
  • 53W×4 HIGH POWER
  • AMP Canceller
  • Shock Proof Memory
  • 4v HVD
  • CeNET
  • SIRIUS Control
  • DVD Control
  • TV Tuner Control
  • CD Changer Control
  • Subwoofer Control
  • 4V/6ch Output
  • AUX Input
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Full-Color TFT Screen
  • MESSAGE Information
  • Auto Dimmer
  • Touch Panel
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • Slope Console
  • DCP
  • MOS-FET Power AMP
  • Full-Color 4.2" Full-Dot TFT
  • Optimeda Display (Touch-Panel Control)
  • Music Catcher One-Touch CD Recording
  • Plays MP3- and WMA-Encoded CDs
  • Plays CD-Rs and C-RWs
  • AC-Processor IV With Anti-Distortion Filter
  • Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Built-In DSP for Time Alignment (2.2 cm-Step Increments) and Virtual Space Enhancer
  • 3-Band Parametric EQ
  • Built-In Adjustable High-Pass Crossovers for Front/Rear/Center Channels: Through/50Hz/80Hz/120Hz
  • 24-Bit D/A Converter
  • 212-Watt MOS-FET Amplifier (53 Watts × 4 Channels)
  • Shock-Proof Memory ( 45 sec.)
  • 4-Volt/6-Channel Gold-Plated RCA Line Level Output
  • Built-In Amplifier Bypass Circuit
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • CeNET Control of Optional DVD and CD Changer, TV Tuner, and Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver
  • iPod Control (Requires EA1251B / CeNET iPod Interface)
  • Blinking LED for Anti-Theft
  • Auto Dimmer
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • 3 Screen Savers, and Wallpapers With User-Programmable Messege Information
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Adjustable Display Contrast
  • Motorized Detachable Control Panel
  • CD Text, CD and Station Titling
  • IR Remote Control
  • 18FM/6AM Presets
  • One 2-Channel AUX Input

Optimedia Display

Offering a new onscreen layout, remastered motion graphics, touch-screen control, and, best of all, full color, Clarion takes its Optimedia display technology to a whole new level. Harnessing this evolution is Clarion’s DXZ955MC. With its spacious 4.2-inch TFT display, users will see more and do more. This is high-tech innovation you can see and touch … Optimedia.

4-Volt/6-Ch. RCA Line Level Output

Perfect for a system with multiple amplifiers, the DXZ955MC’s three pairs of 4-volt pre-outs allow users to select from three performance modes:

  • STD Mode: Created for casual listeners, this mode splits a system into two front channels, two rear channels and two subwoofer channels.
  • PLII Mode: Created for fans of surround sound, this mode separates a system into two front channels, two rear channels, a center channel and a dedicated subwoofer channel.
  • Multi Mode: Tailored for audiophile listening, this mode separates the system into two channels for high-range frequencies, two channels dedicated to the mid-range frequencies, and two subwoofer channels.

New DSP Tuner

The built-in high-performance tuner offers high sensitivity and clear audio reception. Utilizing a new IC chip DSP, signal interferance from adjacent stations is shut outit, minimizing sound distortion.

Music Catcher System

Clarion’s DXZ955MC represents the first Optimedia source unit to incorporate the company’s Music Catcher onetouch CD recording technology. When in Long Play (LP) mode, users can simply press the onscreen “Record” button to get up to 6 CDs worth of music recording. For high quality music recording, the DXZ955MC can be switched to the unit’s High Quality mode, which allows for up to 4 CDs of music storage. To access your stored music collection, simply press the “Function” button until Music Catcher displays across the screen. It’s that easy. No removeable hard drives, and no complicated connections ... Music Catcher. This is high-tech innovation made simple.

24-Bit D/A Converter

A key component in the transfer of digital data from a CD into analog sound is Clarion’s 24-Bit D/A converters. Because the digital realm is made up of unnaturally square sound waves, as opposed to the smoothly undulating sound waves characteristic of the realworld environment, Clarion’s embedded 24-Bit D/A Converters recreate the natural nuances and expressions lost during the sound reproduction process.

212-Watt MOS-FET Power Amplifier

There’s only one way for Clarion’s DXZ955MC to deliver 53 watts x 4 channels of unyielding power output and superior linearity: MOS-FET amplification — otherwise known as Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transmitter amplification. Smaller and more efficient than conventional power supplies, this MOS-FET amplification circuit delivers power with less distortion and zero On/Off switching noise. So crank it up, or turn it down for easy listening. Either way, with MOS-FET amplification, your music has never sounded quite like this.

Separate Power IC x MOS-FET

Structure Image Around the MOS-FET’s centrally located S-GND, the power and GND are both separated into L-ch and R-ch, and the Power IC is driven separately.

“AC-Processor IV” for Next-Generation Digital Sound Processing

Built-In Crossovers Separates the sound spectrum into different bands so you can minimize peaking and phase cancellation. Clarion’s crossover circuitry also optimizes each output range, resulting in smoother transitions between ranges. Clarion’s crossovers also allow users to adjust the cut-off frequency, filter, slope and phase.
Digital Time Alignment Lets you easily adjust the time delay of your speakers to best suit your vehicle type. When setting the crossover to 2-way (tweeter/woofer) or 3-way (tweeter, mid-range/woofer) settings, you can set a Time Alignment value for each speaker. Regardless of the speaker’s position, you can optimize the sound to the vehicle’s acoustics. Choose from one of the three preset options: SEDAN, WAGON, and MINI-VAN.
Anti-Distortion Filter ADF restores the full sound of music compressed into MP3 and WMA files, enhancing the listening experience.
Dolby Pro Logic II Lets you enjoy 5.1-channel surround sound with any 2-channel sources, including DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, Sirius Satellite Radio and an AM/FM tuner. Pseudo 5.1-channel surround using 4 speakers is also available.
Virtual Space Enhancer Lets you digitally correct irregular reflection, polarization and other acoustic problems caused by your vehicle’s interior design. Simply choose from these three available performance options:SEDAN, WAGON and MINI-VAN.
3-Band Parametric EQ Lets you adjust the equalization of each frequency band independently for front, center and rear speakers.

iPod Interface

Take Apple’s iPod on the road with Clarion’s plug-in interface. Compatible with thirdgeneration and newer iPods, this solution also charges and powers the ipod during operation so it’s ready once it leaves the car.

Music Catcher / Wallpaper

Space Analizer

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